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After graduating with honors at the international College of Art & Design in Brussels in 2009, Hélène Van Marcke begins her career as a freelance designer and project manager for the New York-based agency Atelier Charlotte Perelman / Studio CMP. From Paris, she heads the renovation and redesign of a variety of prestigious residential and commercial spaces in Europe and New York. Within two years, she launches her own studio in Paris, with a second location in Ghent in 2017. She divides her time between both cities and with an ever-growing team continues to focus on high-end residences and high-profile commercial projects, such as restaurants, hotels and (shared) office spaces.

Hélène and her team approach each unique project with an open vision, inspired by the historical context and the architectural structure of the building, the client’s personality and lifestyle and the geographic location with its own distinctive building techniques and characteristics. This ensures a truly individualized, functional and aesthetically harmonious result. At all times, the objective is to create a warm and timeless design. Aiming for a well-balanced contrast between light and shade, optimizing the various perspectives within the architecture and towards the outside surroundings, and using pure and generous materials are key to Hélène's philosophy and methods. Custom furniture and tailored detailing are often included in the final concept.


1987: born in Ghent, Belgium

2005-2010: interior architecture and design master at le CAD ( Brussels, Belgium ) - graduated Magna cum Laude

2005-2015: beginning of a 10 year collaboration on furniture prototypes with designer Georges-Charles Vanryk

2008: internship for Annick Colle-Grimmelprez, Ghent, Belgium

2009: internship for Xavier Donck & Partners, Ghent, Belgium

2009: internship for Claire Bataille & Paul Ibens Design, Antwerp, Belgium

2009-2014: collaboration with Studio CMP, Paris, France

2011: opening of Hélène Van Marcke design studios in Paris, France

2017: opening of Hélène Van Marcke design studios in Ghent, Belgium


Retranchement: 2007, summer house, Retranchement, NL  

La Muette: 2010, apartment, Paris France (with Studio CMP)

Rue de Lisbonne: 2010, apartment, Paris France

Lake Geneva: 2011, two storey apartment, Rolle, Switserland

Gravy: 2011, restaurant, New York, USA (with Studio CMP)

Les Sablons: 2011, two storey apartment, Neuilly sur Seine, France

Victor Hugo: 2011, law cabinet, Paris France (with Studio CMP)

Hoogpoort: 2011, penthouse, Ghent, Belgium

Courcelles: 2012, apartment, Paris, France (with Studio CMP)

Rue du Bac: 2012, apartment, Paris, France (with Studio CMP)

Marais: 2012, apartment, Paris, France (with Studio CMP)

l’Atelier 35: 2012, apartment, Paris, France

Les Esperonies: 2012, country house, Dordogne, France

Ile St Louis: 2013, town house, Paris, France (with Studio CMP)

Rue d’Amsterdam: 2013, apartment, Paris, France

Hotel Marshall: in progress, 50 room hotel and bars (with Studio CMP)

Rue de l'Université: 2014, apartment, Paris,  France

True Story Offices: 2014, digital agency, Ghent, Belgium

Alponse XIII: 2014, house, Brussels, Belgium

Panthéon: 2014, two storey penthouse, Paris, France

Mont Cénis: 2015, townhouse, Paris, France

Contrescarpe: 2015, 3 studios, Paris, France

Bretteville: 2015, apartment, Neuilly sS, France

Gottem: 2016, country house, Deinze, Belgium

Brochant: 2016, loft, Paris, France

Monceau: 2017, two storey penthouse, Paris, France

Maillen: 2017, country house, Maillen, Belgium

Van Marcke Guesthouse: 2018, boutique hotel, Marke, Belgium

Krijgslaan: 2017, townhouse & offices, Ghent, Belgium

De Haernelaan: 2018, townhouse, Kortrijk, Belgium

La Coursive: 2018, seaside loft, Oostduinkerke, Belgium

Courcelles: 2018, apartment, Paris, France

Marceau: 2019, two story penthouse, Paris, France

Elisabeth Paris: 2019, chocolate boutique, Paris, France

Bergskens: 2021, country house & guesthouse, Bruges, Belgium

Grasdakkie: 2021, holiday house, Knokke, Belgium

The Nine: 2021, private members club, Brussels, Belgium

Meise: 2021, furniture for house, Brussels, Belgium

Elisabeth Brugge: 2021, chocolate boutique, Bruges, Belgium

Maillot: 2022, apartment, Paris, France

Geneva: 2022, house, Geneva, Switzerland

Franklin Roosevelt: 2023, townhouse, Ghent, Belgium

Côte d’Azur: 2023, holiday house, Côte d’Azur, France

Champ de Mars: in progress, apartment, Paris, France

Molière: in progress, townhouse, Brussels, Belgium

Sumatra: in progress, villa, Brussels, Belgium

De Warande: in progress, members club, Brussels, Belgium

Montmartre: in progress, apartment, Paris, France

Meise: in progress, garden house, Brussels, Belgium

Mabillon: in progress, apartment, Paris, France

Art Absolument: in progress, art gallery, Paris, France

Zodiaque: in progress, townhouse & offices, Brussels, Belgium


Prix Annick Buchet for Up Up Up, 2010

Dynamo Young Designer Award, with Up Up Up, Parallel, Line and Jerrycan, 2010

Homologie (for Design September) Brussels, 2012

Dialogue (for Design September) Brussels, 2013