Interior designer



A perfectly proportioned perspective. The contrast between light and shadow. Many simple things thrill me.

I love to be inspired by the archetypes of design that surround us and bring them into a contemporary world. 

I love the Arte Povera movement and the old American Shaker houses.

Every object should be thrilling to touch, use and look at. Things should be pure, timeless and warm.

The contact with clients results into a spontaneous and personal approach of each project.

Our creations ought to be with strong impact, somewhere in between softness and rigidity, sophisticated without any pretension, with a touch of “retro” humor and a timeless feel to it.





1987 : born in Ghent, Belgium

2005-2015 : beginning of a 10 year collaboration on design prototypes with Georges-Charles Vanryk

2008 : internship for Annick Colle-Grimmelprez, Ghent, Belgium

2009 : internship for Xavier Donck & Partners, Ghent, Belgium

2009 : internship for Claire Bataille & Paul Ibens Design, Antwerp, Belgium

2010 : graduated Magna cum Laude in interior architecture and design at     le CAD, Brussels, Belgium

2009-2014 : collaboration with Studio CMP, Paris, France

2013 : opening of Hélène Van Marcke design studios in Paris, France

2017 : opening of Hélène Van Marcke design studios in Ghent, Belgium





Cardboard cover : 2007 prototype for cover or tent, to be developed

Jerry can : 2007, olive oil bottle, ceramic

Cube : 2008, modular bookcases, plywood

Line : 2009, leaning clothes rack, powder coated steel

Parallel : 2009,  public bench, sold to the city of Brussels, powder coated steel

Up Up Up :  2010, foldable dining unit, aphromosia and powder coated steel, edited by Vange

Victor Hugo furniture : 2011, conference tables and front desk design for law firm (with Studio CMP)

Courcelles furniture : 2013, benches, stools, desk and table for private residence (with Studio CMP)

Lab : 2013,  cutlery set in collaboration withEternum, for the Dialogue exhibition (Design September)

Table .01 : 2014, wooden table

Le Touquet furniture : 2018, bookcases






Retranchement : 2007, summer house,  Retranchement, NL

La Muette : 2010, apartment , Paris France ( with Studio CMP)

Rue de Lisbonne : 2010, apartment, Paris France

Lake Geneva : 2011, two storey apartment, Rolle, Switserland 

Gravy : 2011, restaurant, New York, USA (with Studio CMP)

Les Sablons : 2011, two storey apartment, Neuilly sur Seine, France 

Victor Hugo : 2011, law cabinet, Paris France (with Studio CMP)

Hoogpoort : 2011, penthouse, Ghent, Belgium

Courcelles : 2012, apartment, Paris, France (with Studio CMP)

Rue du Bac : 2012, apartment, Paris, France (with Studio CMP)

Marais : 2012, apartment, Paris, France (with Studio CMP)

Montmartre : 2012, apartment, Paris, France

Les Esperonies : 2012, country house, Dordogne, France

Ile St Louis : 2013,  town house, Paris, France (with Studio CMP)

Rue d’Amsterdam : 2013, apartment, Paris, France

Hotel Marshall : in progress, 50 room hotel and bars (with Studio CMP)

Rue de l'Université : 2014, apartment, Paris,  France 

True Story Offices : 2014, digital agency, Ghent, Belgium

Alponse XIII : 2014, house, Brussels, Belgium

Panthéon : 2014, two storey penthouse, Paris, France

Mont Cénis : 2015, townhouse, Paris, France

Contrescarpe : 2015, 3 studios, Paris, France

Bretteville : 2015, apartment, Neuilly sS, France

Gottem : 2016, country house, Deinze, Belgium

Brochant : 2016, loft, Paris, France

Monceau : 2017, two storey penthouse, Paris, France

Maillen : in progress, country house, Maillen, Belgium

Van Marcke Guesthouse: 2018, boutique hotel, Marke, Belgium

Krijgslaan : 2017, townhouse & offices, Ghent, Belgium

Marceau : in progress, two storey penthouse, Paris, France

De Haernelaan : 2018, townhouse, Kortrijk, Belgium

La Croisette : in progress, penthouse, Cannes, France

La Coursive : 2018, seaside loft, Oostduinkerke, Belgium

Bergskens : 2018, country house & guesthouse, Bruges, Belgium

Courcelles : 2018, apartment, Paris, France




Awards & Exhibitions

Prix Annick Buchet for Up Up Up, 2010

Dynamo Young Designer Award, with Up Up Up, Parallel, Line and Jerrycan, 2010


Homologie ( for Design September ) Brussels, 2012

Dialogue ( for Design September ) Brussels, 2013

Dialogue Belgian Design News ( for Design September ) Brussels, 2014


Website by True Story

Pictures by Georges-Charles Vanrijk, Laura Bown, Julien Donck, Julien Hayard, Jo Pauwels and Athos Burez